Biography Of Ameer Tanzeem-e-Islami HAFIZ AKIF SAEED

Mohtaram Hafiz Akif Saeed, the present Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami was born as the second son in January 1958 at Sahiwal in the renowned religious house hold of the founder of Tanzeem Islami Respected Dr. Israr Ahmed.

Growing up in an atmosphere of Islamic activism under the inspirational influence of his scholar father, he completed his early education from a variety of schools in Sahiwal, Karachi and Lahore, graduating from Government College, Lahore, and went on to complete his masters in philosophy with distinction from the University of Punjab in 1980. It was during his education, at a mature age, that he also completed his Hifz of the Quran from 1974-1977.

In 1975, on the occasion of launching of Tanzeem-e-Islami, an organized struggle for the supremacy of Allah (SWT)’s ordained Islamic system, in Pakistan, Hafiz Akif Saeed was among the founding members.

He acquired formal Islamic / Deeni education from the Quran Academy, a project of the Markazi Anjuman Khudam-ul-Quran established by Mohtaram Dr. Israr Ahmed.

After completing his education, he decided to dedicate his life for the cause of Islam and accordingly joined, to serve in, the Quran Academy in 1982. He has been managing the Academic wing of the Quran Academy which included, in addition to the overall management, the academic publications and the editorial charge of the monthly Meesaq and Hikamat-i-Quran since 1983 and additionally taking over the editorial responsibility of the weekly Nida-e-Khilafat in 1995, all periodicals published under the auspices of Markazi Anjuman Khudam-ul-Quran and the Tanzeem-e-Islami.

In 1999, he was given the additional responsibility of the Quran College as its Nazim. Moreover he held the charge of the Media & Publications wing of Tanzeem-e-Islami as a Markazi Nazim from 1991 to 2002.

After a long process of consultations initiated by the then Ameer/Founder of Tanzeem-e-Islami Dr. Israr Ahmed on the issue of the future imaarat of the Tanzeem, Hafiz Akif Saeed’s name came to the forefront. Subsequent to further consultations and due diligence, Hafiz Akif Saeed was nominated as the successor and subsequently appointed as the Naib (Deputy) Ameer in 1999.

He carried out the responsibilities of Naib (Deputy) Ameer as well as the Nazim of Media & Publication wing of the Tanzeem simultaneously till he took over as the life long Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami upon the voluntary self retirement of Dr. Israr Ahmed in the year 2002.

May Allah (SWT) bestow upon him special blessings, guidance, protection and nusrah in fulfilling his personal as well as the collective responsibility of leading his rufuqa to eternal salvation and the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah (socio-politico economic Just world order.)